China Knowledge is in the business of providing business solutions and products on China. Within the Group it has financial terminal, publishing, newswires, research, multimedia production and a wide range of consulting services offer to foreign businesses seeking opportunities in China.



Offer of Financial Analytics & Data

We provide universities worldwide with financial analytics and data on China's entire financial sector including equity, fixed income, mutual funds, trusts, RMB, commodities, derivatives as well as real-time financial newswire and reports.

Supply of Financial Research and Investment Guide

To aid foreign students with in-depth and extensive research on China’s financial markets we supply wide range of guidebooks and research reports.

Provide Regular Guest Speaker at Campuses

Our experts, analysts and consultants regularly speak and present at both local and foreign universities to engage the students with on-the-ground and practical case studies. Sharing sessions with insights on China’s unique financial markets are the most popular requests from foreign universities.

Internship Training

China Knowledge Global Internship Programs provide a series of training for students who are interested in developing skills and broad knowledge in the field of finance, Fintech, journalism, investment and a wide range of consulting services from complex M&A to standard business setup.

Internship Group Activities